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9:30 am 
New IGSHPA Installation & Service Technician Certifications

The International Ground Source Heat Pump Association (IGSHPA) has developed two new technician certifications, making the key skills installers and service professionals need to know more accessible.  To further encourage access, four of the major heat pump manufacturers from ClimateMaster, Enertech, and WaterFurnace have all agreed to incorporate these certification programs into their factory equipment training courses.  Delivery of the courses is just getting underway in 2024 and this session will bring you up to date on the expansion of these efforts.

• Jeff Hammond / IGSHPA
• John Thomas / WaterFurnace International
• Ed Davis / Enertech Global
• Mike Hammond / ClimateMaster

11:00 am
Getting Serious About Workforce Development

In areas like New York and Massachusetts with strong state incentives, coupled with the federal IRA and other programs – the demand for GSHP installations is starting to take off.  What needs to be done to ensure the workforce is ready meet the moment?  This panel will discuss what steps are being taken and what other elements need to be added to have the workforce not become a barrier to the most efficient means of building electrification.  Emphasis will be given to the key role of organized labor organizations as the largest projects will require prevailing wage with an apprenticeship program.

• Rachel Carpitella / Sustainable Westchester
• Jack DiEnna / IGSHPA
• John Murphy / UA
• Wayne Mackey / Laborers' Local 17
• Dave Bowers / IUOE, Local 150
• Adele Ferranti / NYSERDA


1:30 pm
Heat Pump Design Innovations to Make Domestic Hot Water

Domestic hot water is a major use of energy in a home, so making sure it’s produced with the most efficient electrification technologies will become increasingly important.  While geothermal heat pump hot water will be the most efficient method, there are relatively few heat pumps that are able to meet both the whole heating and cooling requirements of a home, while also providing 100% geothermal hot water.   This session will highlight three manufacturers which have innovative ways to make 100% of the domestic hot water from the home’s main heat pump system

• Jens Ponikau / Buffalo Geothermal

• Alberto Ferradas / Ecoforest
• Mike Hammond / ClimateMaster
• Justin Jobe / Enertech Global

2:30 pm
Utility Thermal Energy Networks (UTEN)
Progressing through stage gate process

The NYS law know as the Utility Thermal Energy Networks and Jobs Act (UTEN) was signed into law in august of 2022. Since then the 7 largest investor owned utilities have been working to identify sites and develop pilot UTEN projects in their service territories.  The NYS Dept. of Public Service has been busy establishing the foundations and criteria these pilots will need to meet, with the eye to establishing the regulatory structure for a new thermal utility someday.  DPS has established a stage gate process with 5 stages for pilot projects to proceed once a set of criteria is met and reviewed before moving to the next stage.   In this session we’ll hear from a DPS representative and a panel of participating utilities talking about the risks and opportunities these UTEN pilots present.

• John Ciovacco / Aztech Geothermal
• Joseph Hitt / NYS Dept. of Public Service
• Owen Brady-Traczyk / National Grid
• Katelyn Tsukada / Con Edison
• Cole Burgess / NYSEG / RG&E

4:00 pm
Opportunity Presented by Municipal & Private Thermal Energy Networks

NYSERDA’s Community Heat Pump Program (PON 4614) is a breakout success with over 50 project sites receiving funding at various levels over the past few years. The feasibility studies, detailed engineering and a few in construction form the groundwork for future development of municipal and private thermal energy networks across the State. In this session we’ll hear from NYSERDA and from organizations that are involved in a broad range of these promising community clean energy projects.

• Donovan Gordon / NYSERDA
• Sue Dougherty / NYSERDA
• Tim Banach / Endurant Energy
• John Tesh / CHA Consulting
• Dan Sergison / Salas O'Brien

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