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2019 Top Job Ceremony

On Thursday, May 23rd, 2019 NY-GEO board member John Manning presented the 2019 Top Job Award to NY-GEO member Halco for it's retrofit of the historic Noble House in Fayetteville, NY. Manning also awarded the home's owner WIlliam Sunderlin. See below for the text of the radio broadcast on the event. from station WAER.

Geothermal Heat & Cooling in Historic Fayetteville Home Shows How Fossil-Fuel Free Tech Adapts

By Chris Bolt 18 hours ago from WAER FM

Credit Chris Bolt/WAER News / WAER FM

A geothermal heating and cooling system in an historic Fayetteville home is being used as a model to help expand the use of the technology.  The installation was honored by a state-wide organization, NY Geo, for its innovation and role in reducing climate change.


William Sunderlin bought the home of Linneaus (Lin-AY-us) Noble, who ran an abolitionist newspaper … and more famously published Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  Sunderlin notes the social change of Noble, and Suffragist Matilda Jocelyn Gage who lived right across the street, motivated his project.

“Doing the right thing means not only continuing the unfinished business of seeking racial and gender justice, and recognition of indigenous rights, but also addressing a new and daunting global challenge:  the climate crisis.  As a climate scientist I am painfully aware that we are way overdue in giving serious attention to climate change.”

After the Award Presentation
After the Award Presentation
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