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Membership Detail

NY-GEO is a member-funded, non-profit trade association.

We DEPEND on YOUR SUPPORT to expand the use of clean, renewable, geothermal heating and cooling systems for the benefit of all.

NY-GEO launched a new site at the end of 2022.  The new site provides additional opportunities for members to connect with each other as well as potential customers.


NY-GEO launched a new site at the end of 2022.  The interactive site provides additional opportunities for members such as:

Personalized member listing page* -

  • Includes a company description of up to 500 words
  • Links to your Website and Social Media handles
  •  LOGO
  • List key points of contacts
    • * This is another customer acquisition tool for you.
  • Your address populates a map on your listing page and on the NY-GEO Member Directory Map 
  • Resources- Being part of NY-GEO includes access to key sites, documents, and other information to help you thrive in our community.
  • News - Share exciting and important information with the GHP community. Enter your news item to be added to our site.
  • Events - Add upcoming events.  Login to post to the event page and submit it to us for review/approval. Also, check out and register for upcoming events on our calendar.
  • Career Center/Job Postings– Create a posting for job openings - gain visibility and help recruit new employees.
  • Pay Invoices – Click and pay open invoices for membership, events, or programs.

The member portal called the Info-Hub allows members that are logged on to the site key information to:

  • Search member directory
  • See Upcoming events and submit events
  • View and update your directory listing
  • Submit Job Openings, Hot Deals, News and more.
  • View and Pay Invoices

* Associate Membership is Name and phone only.

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NY-GEO is the driving force in the mass adoption of Ground Source (Geothermal) Heat Pumps for residential, commercial, and utility-scale heating and cooling in New York State. NY-GEO's mission is to grow the geothermal heat pump industry and develop its workforce while educating policymakers building/property developers and residents about the benefits of geothermal heat pumps.   An overview of what your membership allows NY-GEO to do:


  • NY-GEO actively engages with State, Federal, and Regional policymakers to educate on the benefits of GSHP.
  • NY-GEO participates and supports organizations in backing policy and programs supporting the CLCPA and electrification of NYS, emphasizing that GSHP is the most efficient and affordable heating and cooling technology.
  • NY-GEO participates in rate cases and advocates for initiatives that more fully benefit ratepayers pursuing electrification as well as for activities that support the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act and reduce unnecessary utility expenses and harmful emissions.
  • NY-GEO regularly works to inform and involve members in important industry issues, problem identification, and solutions.


NY-GEO is working to educate policymakers and the public on the long-term benefits of geothermal.

  • Legislation that NY-GEO supports or evaluates includes:
    • Beneficial tax treatments for installers, manufacturers, and customers (i.e. sales tax credits and tax abatements)
    • Borehole design and excavation parameters
    • Progressive laws supporting geothermal activity (i.e. All-Electric Buildings Act)
    • Funding for smaller organization intervenor assistance with utility rate cases.
  • NY-GEO plays a crucial role in advising public regulatory agencies, including the Public Service Commission and the Department of Public Service, on the needs and challenges faced by the ground source heat pump industry. For instance, NY-GEO's evaluation of the New Energy New York (NENY) report, which includes feedback from member meetings and surveys, can greatly influence incentives and PSC rulings, thus benefiting the industry.
  • NY-GEO staff and board members are often “registered parties” to public utility rate cases in New York with the intent to inspire the utilities to provide programs, services, incentives, and beneficial rates that financially benefit ground source heat pump owners. Con Ed’s SCI-IV rate is an example that will save GSHP owners monthly costs while recognizing the grid and energy system benefits.
  • NY-GEO BOD, staff and members publicly testified at The Department of State’s Division of Building Standards and Codes meeting supporting the need for updated building codes that would accelerate the switch from fossil fuels to electrification. The final commission decision is pending. Another effort under consideration is the degree design standard of fluids/refrigerants used in moving and removing heat in a geothermal system.


NY-GEO organizes, promotes, and presents the largest Geothermal Conference in the Northern Hemisphere.  This 2.5-day conference brings together the best of the best in the GSHP industry to connect and learn.

NY-GEO continually seeks opportunities to educate about the benefits of geothermal.  Efforts include GEO Day at the State Capital, Exhibiting and Presenting at NYSPPE (New York State Society of Professional Engineers), ESWWDA (Empire State Water Well Drillers Association), IGSHPA(International Ground Source Heat Pump Association), and other programs in and outside NYS.


Recognizing the best policies, legislation, etc. will be worthless without a trained and available workforce, NY-GEO is working with higher learning institutions, BOCES, regional energy hubs, community-based outreach groups, labor unions, national organizations such as IGSHPA, NYSERDA, trade groups (Building Professional Contractors Association) and environmental advocates (New Yorkers for Clean Power) to educate, motivate, create incentives and curriculums.


New in 2024 NY-GEO will support a series of targeted member-to-member mixers and connection programs throughout the state.

In collaboration with IGSHPA we are working to offer additional certificate programs including Accredited Installer (AI), Certified GeoExhange Designer (CGD) and Certified Geothermal Inspector (CGI) certification programs throughout NY are a high priority.

NY-GEO works closely with IGSHPA, NYSERDA, and others to connect installers with training and accreditation programs.

The NY-GEO conferences provide 4-5 sessions where attendees can earn continuing education/professional development credits.

Just In!

A dynamic weekly newsletter, produced by NY-GEO Board Member Bill Nowak, is available to all members and employees of Business Members.

Let’s Talk

An interactive bi-weekly virtual meeting moderated by Director of Operations, John Rath (JR) on the 2nd and 4th Friday of the month from 3:00- 4:00 pm (EDT) that regularly features industry leaders presenting valuable and essential topics.


By becoming a member of NY-GEO you are ensuring the advancement of GSHP in NYS.

We DEPEND on YOUR SUPPORT to expand the use of clean, renewable, geothermal heating and cooling systems for the benefit of all.

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