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NY-GEO 2023 Recordings, Presentation Decks and Photos

NY-GEO Day 1
Wednesday • April 26, 2023

Chuck Schumer / US Senate Majority Leader

Jens Ponikau / President, NY-GEO (Buffalo Geothermal)

Introduction by Zachary Fink / Conference Co-Chair, Board Member NY-GEO (ZBF Geothermal)

Scott Walsh / VP Residential Development, Lendlease

  1. Building Energy Modeling: The Foundation of a GHX Design
  2. Ground Heat Exchanger Design Principles and Design Tools
  3. Beyond Boreholes: Expanding Your Options for System Design
  4. Building Your GSHP Industry Credentials
  5. Developing a Sequence of Operations for GSHP Systems
  1. NYS Clean Heat Incentives & Related Programs
  2. Geothermal Heat Pumps: The ultimate thermal energy storage
  3. Who Will Pay for Building Electrification?
  4. Regional Networked Geothermal Initiatives
  5. Financing & Incentive Options for Renewable Energy Community Projects
  1. Heat Pumps 101: An Introduction to Heat Pump Technology & Applications
  2. GeoStar Top Job Presentations
  3. Site Selection for Geothermal Networks
  4. Building Conversion Strategies for Large Buildings in Cold Climates
  5. Designing NYC First Net Zero Development
  1. The History of Geothermal Drilling
  2. Evolving Geothermal Drilling to Meet Demand
  3. Geology Matters:TC Tests, Drill Logs & Managing Risk
  4. Drilling Off-Center…But On-Purpose Angled Drilling Applications
  5. Easier Said Than Done! What you need to know about going beyond 500 ft

Jack DiEnna / GEO-NII

Jeff Hammond / Executive Director, IGSHPA
Ryan Dougherty / President, GEO Exchange

Titian Burris / National Sales Manager, ClimateMaster
John Thomas / CEO, WaterFurnace

Christine Hoffer/ Executive Director, NY-GEO
Bill Nowak / Board Member, NY-GEO

Rory Christian / Chair & CEO, NYS Public Service Commission

NY-GEO 2023_Day 1-opening
Scott Walsh, Lend Lease, NY-GEO 2023, Keynote
Cary Smith, Geothermal Drilling, NY-GEO 2023
NY-GEO 2023_Day 1-Rory Christian 2

NY-GEO Day 2
Thursday • April 27, 2023

Donovan Gordon / Director of Clean Heating & Cooling NYSERDA

From Worst to First! IRA'S Impact on Geothermal Heat Pump Industry

John Ciovacco / Aztech Geothermal, NY-GEO Board Member

Ryan Dougherty / GEO Exchange
Daniel Ellis / Comfortworks, Inc.
Zeyneb Magavi / Co-Executive Director HEET
Zachary Fink / ZBF Geothermal, NY-GEO Board Member

  1. Piecing Together the IRA
  2. Non-Pipeline Alternatives: Bringing Together Utilities & the Heat Pump Industry
  3. Package Deals: Energy As a Service
  4. How Can Our Industry Best Utilize the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act Provisions?
  1. Surface Water & Waste Water Heat Exchange
  2. HDPE Pipe Integrity at Depth: Vertical Closed Loop Ground Heat Exchangers
  3. There's Got to Be Something Better! Innovative Closed Loop Boreholes
  4. Leveraging Groundwater for High Performance
  1. Heat Pumps 101: An Introduction to Heat Pump Technology & Applications
  2. ZeroPlace: Showcasing a Road Map to Electrification in Multifamily New Construction
  3. Residential Building Heat Pump & Envelope Conversion Strategies
  4. P-12 & Municipal Buildings: Anchoring GSHPs in Communities

       The Birth of Thermal Utilities

  1. Mapping the Journey to a Thermal Market
  2. Measuring Success: The Data We Need
  3. The Policy and the People: We Need to Clear the Path Ahead
  4. The Utility of a Utility
  5. Scaling Efficiently: How We Will Build a Thermal Grid Together
NY-GEO 2023_Day 1-Driller 2
NY-GEO 2023_Day 1-PP Build Elect
NY-GEO 2023_Day 1-7652
NY-GEO 2023_Day 1-Heet Table
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