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Top Jobs 2015-2021

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The GeoStar Top Job Competition has been an integral part of the NY-GEO annual conference since its inception in 2015. Its objective is to highlight and recognize the incredible skill, talent, and creative imagination that exists in geothermal system designers and installers.

A strong group of applicants showcase exceptional geothermal heating and cooling projects. They range from new construction, including affordable housing, to retrofitting existing homes with special requirements, historic or landmarked buildings, structures in dense urban environments, a municipal building, low-income housing, mixed-use buildings, a school, college dorms, and (coming in 2022!) an entire college campus. These projects will dazzle and delight you in the breadth and depth of the applicability of geothermal heat pump technology in New York State.

Another vital objective is to communicate to those outside the industry and to policymakers the variety of ways this technology can be applied, especially in situations where daunting challenges seem impossible to overcome and yet they are.

Each of the finalists receive free access to the NY-GEO conference and the winning finalist receives a $500 cash prize.

Here is a list of the Top Job Finalists by year:


  • Winner: Beach Green Dunes II - ZBF Geothermal
  • Central Association for the Blind and Visually Impaired - Earth Sensitive Solutions
  • Congregation Beth Israel - Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC
  • Ralph C. Wilson, Jr. Niagara Community Center - Buffalo Geothermal LLC
  • The Historic Home of 'Little Women' - EnergySmart Alternatives


  • Winner: The Noble House - Halco
  • All-American Self-Storage - Achieve Renewable Energy, LLC
  • The Blivit House - Aztech Geothermal
  • The GroundUp Model - GroundUp Geothermal Alliance
  • The Sloan Estate - D. Silvestri Sons


  • Winner: GSHP Conversion of Schwamb Mill - Achieve Renewable Energy LLC
  • Siano Building - Buffalo Geothermal
  • Glass House Zero Net Energy - Verdae LLC
  • Red Clover Commons - Blake Equipment
  • National Grid Gas REV – Geothermal For All, National Grid


  • Winner: Autumn Gardens, Lockport Housing Authority - Buffalo Geothermal
  • The Riverview House - Advanced Radiant Design, Inc.
  • William L. Buck Elementary School - Geo-NII/ Bosch Thermotechnology Corp.
  • Rhinebeck Deep Energy Retrofit - Verdae LLC
  • One Woodbury - ACES-Energy
  • Divinely Inspired Project [St. Patrick's Cathedral] - PW Grosser/Landmark Facilities Group, Inc.
  • Residential Geothermal Retrofit in Dense Urban Setting - Natural Systems Engineering PLLC


  • Winner: Benker/Wegner Residence - A&B Cooling & Heating Corp.
  • Schaefer Zero Net Energy Solution - Verdae LLC
  • Bard College Village Dorms - Novus Engineering, PC
  • 12 Chimneys Inn - Chuck Russo Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC
  • Municipal Multi Use - Moravec Geothermal
  • DeSalvia Farm Retrofit Net Zero - Halco
  • Lockport Housing Authority - Buffalo Geothermal


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  • Winner: Hunt Country Vineyards - Moravec/Daily
  • 650 James Street - Diversified Energy System Installations
  • Rose Cottage - Building Tech Services
  • Syracuse Pike Block Project - IPD Engineering
  • Dr. Greg Project - Buffalo Geothermal
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