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Governor Hochul Announces Energy Affordability Plan and Actions to Accelerate Clean Energy Future

January 9, 2024: NYS Governor Kathy Hochul State of the State included much for the geothermal industry to be excited about.

Governor Hochul’s commitment to energy affordability has resulted in an average savings of $1,400 for each eligible utility customer. Governor Hochul is taking steps to expand those savings by:

  • Introducing legislation to support responsible, equitable and effective gas system transition planning
  • Introducing legislation to create a one-stop-shop for the environmental review and permitting of major renewable energy and transmission facilities

NY-GEO as quoted in RHN memo:
New York Geothermal Energy Organization members are always ready for a level playing field which is what Governor Hochul's decision to eliminate the obligation to serve and the 100 foot rule will foster, comments Christine Hoffer, NY-GEO Executive Director. Without these barriers our geothermal heat pump industry will be able to offer cost competitive, affordable, non fossil fuel alternatives to NY residents and businesses. The Governors decision to give the Public Service Commission the authority to start a proceeding to explore clean thermal network technologies further grows our sustainable technology bringing with it good paying job opportunities especially in metro areas and disadvantaged communities.   Implementing virtual power plant technology along with her "Smart Energy Savings Initiative"/time of use rates ties many pieces of future clean energy strategy into a savvy synergistic package that will benefit our state's economy and environment. Thank you Governor Hochul.

Energy Affordability Plan and Actions to Accelerate Clean Energy Future

State of the State 2024 


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