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Heat Pumps 101: An Introduction to Heat Pump Technology & Applications

For those who are new to the world of heat pumps for heating, cooling and hot water, this workshop will give you a basic understanding of the technology including how and where it’s best applied. For those whose job it is to explain or sell heat pumps, Jay's colorful and compelling presentation will prove to be invaluable.


  • Jay Egg / Egg Geothermal 

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck:  Heat Pumps 101 Jay Egg

Zero Place: Showcasing a Road Map to Electrification in Multifamily New Construction

Zero Place is a 46-unit apartment building with an additional 8,000 sq ft of retail space in New Paltz, NY (Hudson Valley). The building, designed to achieve LEED certification and net-zero-energy performance, combines a geothermal system for all heating, cooling and hot water with a 246-kW solar system and high-performance building envelope to achieve net-zero energy. NYSERDA supported advanced monitoring, which was designed into the building and the geothermal system.  The data provides an insight into the future electric grid demand of electrified buildings in New York State, and demonstrates the high efficiency and the unique thermal energy storage capability of modern geothermal systems, significantly shaving both summer and winter demand. Zero Place was selected as a winner in New York State’s inaugural Buildings of Excellence Competition for the design, construction and operation of a zero-carbon-emitting multifamily building.


  • John Thomas / WaterFurnace International 


  • Pasquale Strocchia / Integral Building + Design, Inc.
  • Hugh Henderson / Owahgena Consulting
  • Jens Ponikau / Buffalo Geothermal / NY-GEO Board

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: Zero Place: Showcasing a Road Map to Electrification in Multifamily

Residential Building Heat Pump & Envelope Conversion Strategies

During the 2022 State of the State address New York’s Governor Kathy Hochul announced a plan to achieve 2 million climate-friendly, electrified or electrification-ready homes by 2030.  The projection is based on 85% ASHPs and only 15% GSHPs.  So 400,000 homes converted to GSHP in 7 years is about 57,000/year, 4,760 per month and 240 homes per working day.  That’s a lot of home conversions!  This panel of diverse stakeholders will provide perspectives on what needs to happen, and how to pick up the pace in the conversion of the low-rise residential building sector.


  • Brendan Thomas / CMC Energy Services International


  • Courtney Moriarta / NYSERDA
  • Matthew Desmarais / Energy Catalyst
  • Matt Dennis / Halco Energy
  • Doug Presley / Dandelion Energy

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck:  Residential Conversion and Strategy Panel

P-12 & Municipal Buildings: Anchoring GSHPs in Communities

There are more than 6,000 public and private schools in New York State. New York also has 62 counties which are subdivided into 933 towns with 61 cities. In total, there are more than 3,400 active local governments; that’s a lot of municipal buildings!   This program will highlight NYSERDA’s Clean Green Schools Initiative (focused on P-12 schools) which encourages lower energy use and utility bills while reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The NYS Clean Heat Program’s fuel-neutral approach rewards energy reductions when heat pumps are installed in schools and municipal buildings, regardless of their tax status.  We’ll also hear about innovative ways these traditionally tax-exempt facilities can access the benefits of federal tax incentives.  (Bond Act)


  • Jack DiEnna / GEO-NII


  • Jacob Goldman / Energy Tax Savers 
  • Hannah Morgan / NYSERDA
  • Jason Filler / Stark Tech

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: P-12 and Municipal Buildings

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