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NY-GEO 2023 Day 2 Opening Sessions


John Ciovacco / Conference Co-Chair, Board Member, NY-GEO, (Aztech Geothermal)

Clean Thermal Energy Networks

Donovan Gordon / Director of Clean Heating & Cooling, NYSERDA

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: NYSERDA D. Gordon Clean Thermal Energy Networks Update

From Worst to First!
IRA'S Impact on Geothermal Heat Pump Industry

Brace yourself.  As the awareness grows that geothermal heat pumps are now the lowest “first cost” option for many large projects, industry stakeholders need to consider how to respond – and fast!  Under the IRA, geothermal systems may now qualify for a 30% federal investment tax credit (previously 10%). There are bonus incentives of an additional 10% for domestic content to bring many projects to 40% and qualifying “energy communities” may receive a 50% federal tax credit.  The other giant step change is tax-exempt entities, (e.g., state, municipal, religious, etc.) can access these credits through a direct payment. This panel will provide background how we got here, interpretations on guidance from the federal government and thoughts on how to respond.


  • John Ciovacco / Aztech Geothermal, NY-GEO Board Member


  • Ryan Dougherty / GEO Exchange
  • Daniel Ellis / Comfortworks, Inc.
  • Zeyneb Magavi / Co-Executive Director HEET
  • Zachary Fink / ZBF Geothermal, NY-GEO Board Member

Session YouTube Recording

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