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Surface Water & Waste Water Heat Exchange

Geothermal heat pump systems have been described as “opportunistic” since they can often find a way to leverage a variety of thermal resources, depending on what’s available for a building or networked geothermal application.  Surface water resources including lakes, rivers, and oceans can be an abundant source of heat or act as very effective heat sinks.  Waste water can also take many forms from exchanging with a storm or sanitary sewer main, the effluent from a water treatment facility,  or perhaps condenser cooling water from a large building or industrial process.  This panel will present examples of using these important resources, highlighting both the benefits and challenges of the design, permitting, installation and operation of systems that leverage the opportunities to lower cost and increase performance.  


  • Mitchell DeWein / CHA Consulting


  • Karl Neubert / Renewable Resource Recovery Corp.
  • Aaron Miller / SHARC Energy
  • Cary Smith / GreyEdge Group
  • Brendan Hall  / CHA Consulting 

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Presentation Deck:1 Surface Water Wastewater Heat Exchange DONE

HDPE Pipe Integrity at Depth: Vertical Closed Loop Ground Heat Exchangers

The need for deeper vertical bores often leads to questions of loop integrity for both burst and collapse concerns. Yet experience has determined deeper boreholes (400’ to 700’+) are in fact compatible with current grades of HDPE pipe. Misinterpretation of the ASTM (D 2837) pressure ratings is the key reason for HDPE integrity concerns for deeper bore installations. This presentation will cite anecdotal deep loop installations (400’ +); review how pressure ratings are determined for different grades and schedules of HDPE pipe; how these ratings do not consider the downhole environment and conditions for closed loop vertical bores; describe pressure conditions both external and internal to deeper HDPE pipe installations; and conclude why HDPE pipe in deeper bores is acceptable.


Terry Proffer / Major Geothermal

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Presentation Deck:HDPE Pipe Integrity 

There's Got to Be Something Better! Innovative Closed Loop Boreholes

For some very good reasons vertical HDPE U-bend ground heat exchanger is the closed loop standard for the geothermal heat pump industry.  That being said, anyone entering the industry eventually says, really?, there’s got to be something better!  This panel is full of people who took the next step to put into practice a closed loop heat exchanger that fits the description of “something better” and they will tell you why.   


  • Andrew Piper / NYSERDA


  • Rob Jensen / Agreenablity (Twister) 
  • Dave Hermantin / Brightcore (Rygan Application) 
  • Bill Buschur / Waterless Geothermal  
  • Jean-Francois Lavoie / Versa Profiles

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Presentation Deck: There’s Got to Be Something Better Innovative Closed Loop Boreholes

Leveraging Groundwater for High Performance

Groundwater or open geothermal systems are known for their unwavering source energy and high efficiency. While most of the geothermal heat pump industry emphasis has been on closed loop, in the right circumstances, an open system can’t be beat.  Panelists will talk about their successful experiences with ground water heat exchange while highlighting some recent innovations in this very compelling option for high performance geothermal heat pump systems.


  • Aaron Schauger / LaBella Associates


  • Roshan Revankar / Genesis Genesis CLAD
  • Andrew Stiener / Darcy Solutions 
  • Tim Schultz / Terra Caloric, LLC

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Presentation Deck: Leveraging Groundwater

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