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Piecing Together the IRA

What we still DO NOT know about the tax credits in the IRA and how it will work for the geothermal industry? What other parts of the IRA are important for the geothermal industry to understand? This panel will bring together leading voices from the geothermal industry and building decarbonization advocacy space to talk through the sticky details of the 1MW threshold for prevailing wage requirements, the details of the 10% bonus tax credits for domestic content & energy community siting, third party ownership structures, the new federal home energy efficiency and electrification rebates, and the grant funding and low-interest capital that could be available through the Greenhouse Gas Reduction Fund and other sources. Panelists will discuss key outstanding questions, when we will likely have answers, and how those answers will shape the next phase of our industry's growth. 


  • Heather Deese / Dandelion Energy 


  • Dan Ellis / Comfortworks, Inc.
  • Jacob Goldman / Energy Tax Savers
  • Timothy Wright / Enertech Global 
  • Jamal Lewis / Rewiring America

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: Piecing Together the IRA

Non-Pipeline Alternatives: Bringing Together Utilities & the Heat Pump Industry

Natural gas pipeline expansions are being evaluated carefully and alternatives are being explored. Natural gas supplies are also constrained in some existing service areas, and again utilities are looking for non-pipeline alternatives. In this session we will hear from investor-owned utilities about what NPA activities have occurred to date and their desire to continue collaborations with the heat pump industry in the search for sustainable solutions. This is an update from last year’s session on the same topic.


  • Willem Lange / WaterFurnace 


  • Jennifer Brock / NYSEG-RG&E 
  • John Manning / Earth Energy Solutions 
  • Cory Scofield / Central Hudson
  • Owen Brady-Traczyk / National Grid

VideoSession YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: Non Pipeline Alternatives

Package Deals: Energy As a Service

One of the key barriers to popularizing geothermal heating and cooling is the upfront cost of the loop infrastructure, which is typically paid for exclusively by the building owner.  This barrier can be eliminated when a third party (in addition to the building owner and the electric utility) installs and owns the loop infrastructure, recouping its costs over time by charging the building owner on a monthly basis.  Among them, the panelists in this session have direct knowledge and/or experience in both private and public examples of this model to share with you.


  • Venetia Lannon / Con Edison, NY-GEO Board


  • Tony Amis / Endurant Energy 
  • Matthew Piscopo/ Brightcore
  • Johnny Fry  / Celsius Energy
  • Matthew Tokarik / Subterra Renewables 

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: Package Deals Energy as a Service

Calculating Incentives for Commercial GSHP Projects

The recently enacted U.S. Inflation Reduction Act (H.R. 5376) contains multiple provisions affecting the geothermal heat pump industry. Now that the bill has become law, there are months of work ahead for the U.S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service, and other agencies to implement the various programs, credits, rebates, and deductions. There are numerous implementation questions still outstanding that GeoExchange has been working on. The speaker will provide guidance based upon experience that can help members better understand how to utilize these opportunities to grow their businesses and ultimately the GSHP industry. 


  • Daniel Ellis, Comfortworks, Inc. for ClimateMaster

Session YouTube Recording
Presentation Deck: Calculating the IRA Economics

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