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2024 Top Jobs Application

The Top Job Competition presented by GeoStar has been an integral part of the NY-GEO annual conference since its inception in 2015. Its objective is to highlight and recognize the incredible skill, talent, and creative imagination that exists in geothermal system designers and installers.

A strong application will showcase exceptional geothermal heating and cooling project (s). They range from new construction, including affordable housing, to retrofitting existing homes with special requirements, historic or landmarked buildings, structures in dense urban environments, municipal buildings, low-income housing, mixed-use buildings, and educational institutions. These projects will dazzle and delight you with the breadth and depth of the applicability of geothermal heat pump technology by NY-GEO members.

Another vital objective is to communicate to those outside the industry and policymakers the variety of ways this technology can be applied, especially in situations where daunting challenges seem impossible to overcome and yet they are.

This year we have redefined the categories and added Design and Drilling and awarding for Large and Small projects.   Proving much-deserved recognition for those who are working hard to advance geothermal in New York State.

2024 Top Jobs Application Form 

To enter, please complete the form found at this LINK.

Please review Top Job rules HERE

Need to Know Dates:
-Application Submission Deadline: October 1
-Finalists Selected: October 15
-Awards at NY-GEO 2024 NYC

Send all support documentation to
Subject Line: Top Jobs 2024 Support Documentation.

Have Questions? Reach out to Joanne Coons
(518) 522-3173

Top Jobs Criteria 

When evaluating each project, the judges will use the following criteria:


  • Design incorporates a holistic approach to cover all the needs of the project
  • Design takes balancing of the heating and cooling load into account
  • Design incorporates the use of other systems, such as circulation fans, ERV Units, etc.
  • Innovation of drilling and heat distribution

Efficiency: Measures taken to reduce parasitic power consumption such as:

  • Use of High-Efficiency Equipment (variable speed units) - Fan Power (ECM, low static pressure Ductwork, etc.)
  • Pumping Power(VFD Pumps, low-pressure drop in loop field and distribution piping, etc.)


  • Quality of Materials used
  • Measures taken to ensure high-quality install


  • Performance Monitoring
  • Remote Access to Heat pump Controls and Settings-Remote Access to Thermostats for “Building Owner”


  • Innovative financing-Return on investment
  • LMI affordability

Obstacles Overcome

  • Space constraints
    Convincing and gaining support
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